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CMS: WordPress & Joomla

Award-winning open source technology offers you ease of management, speed and security.

We provide all our websites with the open-source Content Management Systems (CMS): Joomla & WordPress, have been a fan from day one. These CMS offer a lot of space for customization and can be supplemented with open-source modules/packages. The high degree of flexibility makes them the perfect CMS for both complex solutions and simple company websites.

You or your colleagues can quickly and easily place information on your website without any technical knowledge of technology.

Curious about a demo? Drop by and we’ll be happy to walk you through it.

Web design

Website designs with appeal

The design of your website also determines its success. STUDiO CHiP translates your corporate identity into a suitable website design that manages to entice visitors.

In a split second, a visitor determines whether your website is interesting. The competition is just one click away. For that reason alone, maximum attention to website design is a must. That website must communicate, with the right look and feel. Moreover, a visitor must also recognize your company on the internet, based on your corporate identity.

At STUDiO CHiP you determine the website design together with the designer. Your corporate identity is the foundation, using all the possibilities that the internet can offer. We then determine how to get visitors in – including through SEO – and how to retain them. So that your website conveys exactly the right message in the right way to the right target group.


A 24/7 store where everything is measurable

With a webshop you can significantly increase your market area. But how do you come to the fore on the internet, with so many good webshops?

Standing out with a webshop is no longer easy. The internet is almost bursting at the seams for every product and every target group. Many factors determine the return of your webshop. The look and feel. The functionality. The findability. The link with your logistics processes. STUDiO CHiP ensures that you can operate successfully with your online store.

The advantage of STUDiO CHiP is that the entire process remains in one hand. We think along with you about the implementation. Determine the functionality. Adapt the design to your house style. And integrate other automated processes, so that the efficiency of your webshop remains intact. Every webshop that STUDiO CHiP develops is customised. Designed from start to finish to conquer your place in the digital shopping street.

The complete realization of websites

Customization is craftsmanship

STUDiO CHiP develops custom websites. If we look around us, we go quite far into this. It just has to be good, before we stop. We build from scratch or based on an existing design. All websites are responsive by default and equipped with an open source CMS system.

With the right technical basis, your website is fast, technically optimized for Google, secure (also according to AVG and possibly WCAG guidelines) and above all easy to manage. You can do this yourself, but you can also outsource it to our content studio.

A website must communicate under all circumstances, regardless of screen, resolution or browser. Findability should not be an obstacle for your target group. The design must be in line with your visual identity. You place high demands on usability. And then more and more integration with social media such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn counts. Each and every one of these aspects that STUDiO CHiP takes into account when building websites.

Links to third-party software

A good connection takes your work off your hands

More and more companies are digitally mature and work internally with one or more software packages. Partly because of this, we as a web studio are often asked to make a link between the website and underlying software such as ERP or CRM systems. Because every (software) system is constructed in a different way, linking databases is a matter of customization. Are you interested in a database connection? Then we will put you in touch with our in-house link architect. He analyzes the connection and prepares it carefully.

Once the coupling has been thought out and developed, an extensive test phase follows, in which the coupling is put to the test in detail. Only when all lights are green will your website go live in its new form. This way your visitor (and you) will not be faced with unpleasant surprises.

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