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Making the most of the medium

Your target audience is also increasingly using the internet. How do you continue to reach them successfully? STUDiO CHiP creates order out of chaos. We know all the possibilities and trends and together we look at which resources are effective for you.

There is no shortage of online media. An internet site alone is no longer enough to trace your target group. Customers also expect you to be active on social media such as Twitter or Facebook. Apps can be of added value. Search engine optimization is essential to direct customers – paid or unpaid – to your website. STUDiO CHiP makes it easy to choose those resources that also do something for your company.

Nice, those innovative ideas or techniques that pop up every day on the internet. But do they contribute to your return? Critical as we are, we delete everything that is not relevant to you. Because it’s not about the technology, it’s ultimately about whether online marketing delivers the return you have in mind. We always keep a close eye on that goal. Because that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?


Make sure you get in the picture!

Many (potential) customers find your company thanks to the listing on a search engine. That is why Google is ideal for generating leads. This can be done in two ways: by making your website ‘search engine friendly’ and/or by advertising in search engines.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

How does the target audience find your website? This mainly has to do with the search engine-friendly design of your website: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in our jargon. Your website must be relevant to the target audience. How? Together with you, we determine the answer to that question. Then make a plan for the campaign to influence search engines. The plan is the basis for modifying your existing website or creating a new one.

Search Engine Advertising (SEA)

Search Engine Advertising (SEA) is the other way to direct visitors to your website. You pay depending on the number of clicks. Important advantage over SEO: you have the guarantee that your company always appears in a fixed place in the searches. Whether it is also interesting for you depends on your market. Are there many or few competitors? STUDiO CHiP is happy to help you make that decision.

Periodic innovation

Can your website be more effective?

The Internet is evolving fast. That is why it is essential to regularly examine your website. STUDiO CHiP is happy to help you keep up.

Looking critically at your own website mainly requires empathy. And the technical knowledge to determine whether technical innovations and trends have added value for you. Ask the STUDiO CHiP. There is a good chance that a surprising analysis will roll out. After all, with the speed at which the internet is developing, the chance of lagging behind is real.

Based on our recommendations, we jointly assess which points for improvement are desirable to implement. It may be that changes in your company require adjustment, it may also be that the technology has progressed further. By making the improvement process a joint process, you can be sure that the content of the website is up-to-date. A regular fresh look from STUDiO CHiP increases the efficiency of your online communication.

Content creation

The text that sticks with your target group

Text is being read less and less. It is therefore important to convey the message well with the texts you use. A good text gets attention, makes you curious, gets the message across and gets you into action. Good writing is not only error-free writing, but is reaching your target audience.

STUDiO CHiP has several writers who know what moves your target group and who can convey the desired message. STUDiO CHiP recommends a writer that fits your business and budget. We also offer you the opportunity to reach the target group in other languages with our translators.

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