Communication Studio

Determine brand name

Which brand name suits your product or service?

Your company name is perhaps the most important messenger of your company or product. That is why it is wise to get a good idea of the possibilities.

The brand name conveys a message to the recipient. It is the carrier of the feeling that a target group has about an organization or product. A well-chosen name conveys message and feeling better and faster. There is no standard for coming up with a new name. However, experience and different perspectives give a significant head start when developing a new brand name.

We understand the creative process surrounding the new company name and are happy to guide you through it. You determine the level of involvement. You can participate intensively in the creative sessions yourself or leave it to us completely. Contact us and we will be happy to tell you more.


Which positioning is appropriate for your company or brand?

Entrepreneurship involves the need to distinguish yourself from the competition. Only dead fish swim with the flow.

You can distinguish yourself on several fronts, but it always starts with the basics: positioning. What place do you occupy in the mind of your customer? Good positioning is a rich breeding ground for a unique image and market position.

STUDiO CHiP outlines the options for you and chooses the best positioning in the market together with you. From this we distill the proposition of the company. The proposition is nothing but the promise you make to your customers. The proposition is an important factor in any communication briefing around the company.

Communication advice

Looking for better directed and structured communication.

Ad hoc communication makes way for structure, objectives and strategy. We look for the maximum return from your advertising euros. We view all expressions and place them in a larger plan so that you have more overview and your campaign has more coherence.

What distinguishes you from the competition? Do you know the core values ​​of your organization? Our advisory process is in line with your own company vision. That includes your strategy around marketing and communication. Together we evaluate the effect of your current marketing and communication. We then advise on the effective use of advertising budget. Our starting point is your own sales process.

STUDiO CHiP has the knowledge and experience to tailor a communication plan. No unnecessary thick report, but a compact plan with guidelines for your company/product. Which resources do you deploy and when to which target group? What message are you conveying and how can we measure whether the objectives have been achieved? These are all questions that will find their answer in our communication advice.

Creative sessions

Step up your game! with STUDiO CHiP

Creativity gives new impulses within your organization. How do you unlock the fresh ideas that can also be found in your company? Simple, with a creative brainstorm from STUDiO CHiP.

As an entrepreneur, you undoubtedly possess a healthy dose of creativity. This is not to say that you don’t feel the need for creative food every now and then. It may be that you would like to go into the breadth and depth to give your marketing, communication and sales new impulses. You know roughly what you want, but you just can’t get the creative points on the i. Or you have been doing the same for years and want to convey your message in a different, fresh way.

Think of STUDiO CHiP as a plug into your business when you need creativity. We cannot give you the actual interpretation of the session yet: each session requires its own interpretation. Knowing more? Contact us and we will be happy to explain how the creative brainstorms work.