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Looking for the DNA of the company

Good design is the messenger of your brand. Wherever you are visible, people are confronted with the image of your company. It largely determines the first impression of the recipient.

In an era where people want to process information quickly, a strong logo is a point of trust and recognition. It conveys the core values ​​of your company and radiates professionalism. It gives a sense of guarantee to existing and potential customers, but also to your staff and suppliers.

During the extensive briefing period, we look and listen carefully to you and your colleagues. We ask a number of critical questions and would like to hear how you view this topic yourself. STUDiO CHiP then withdraws and designs a proposal with which we advise, surprise and simply make you happy. When the corporate identity is final, we record this in a brand guide and we provide you with all possible file formats that you will need.

First we design a tailor-made suit around the core values ​​of your company. Then we ensure consistency in all expressions. Unity creates recognition. STUDiO CHiP provides you with a look that surprises, inspires and distinguishes.

You are not tied to us, but we do hope that you are so happy with the collaboration that you will also leave the next steps with us.

Packaging design

Grab me, pick me, take me!

That’s what it’s all about in many cases. That you distinguish yourself from the competition on the shelf. To win this mini-war you can use some advice, creativity and know-how. STUDiO CHiP has the experience and expertise to make your new packaging a success. Come along and we will walk you through the possibilities.

Corporate identity printing

Everything for the first impression

When the face of your organization has been determined, it is time for step two. Your company is teeming with the little messengers of your organization. Your logo can be found on letterhead, business cards, envelopes, etc. That is why it is important that these expressions fall within the specific house style and radiate the same strong message.


A good picture is worth a thousand words

Perhaps more importantly, those thousand words can be conveyed in one second. Good photography presents your business at its best. You create an image bank with current images of your organization. When you need photography, you can be sure that the quality is good. STUDiO CHiP has a wide network of specialist photographers, so that there is always one that matches your wishes.

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